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Billie Jean King is an American former world No. 1 female tennis player. King led the fight for equal prize money between male and female players. As a result, US Open was the first major tournament adopting the change. It wasn’t easy.


In one of many steps towards achieving this goal, Billie Jean played and defeated a former Wimbeldon champion (the most prestigious tennis tournament) in a decisive 3-0 straight sets victory.


This quote is etched on a Placard inside US Open’s Aurther Ash stadium. Players must walk past the sign on the tunnel as they enter the arena. We believe that even the most privileged players who compete at this level have a true understanding of these words. While for other less privileged players, they serve as a reminder to walk on the stage with an extra oomph in their step.


Billie Jean is a treasure whos’ accomplishments far exceed this short passage.


– An aspired Player