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Acknowledgement of Cancellation Policy

Please read and sign below, to acknowledge that you understand Data Stack's cancellation policy.


If a student chooses to leave the program permanently, they will be refunded according to the following schedule:

  • The $50 registration fee will not be refunded unless they cancel within five days of signing the enrollment agreement.
  • If they attended classes, tuition will be prorated for the amount of time they attended.
  • In the case of a student attending multiple cohorts before withdrawing permanently, tuition will be prorated based on the cohort that was attended the longest.

Students must state their intent to withdraw from the program in writing, via email, to both and Students are considered enrolled in the program until the timestamp on their intent to withdraw email. Refunds will be paid within 30 days of receiving notice to withdraw.

Prorating is based only on the coursework part of the program, excluding the internship. Students who used a financing option may have to work with the financing company for a refund.

If a student chooses to leave the program permanently and later wants to re-enroll, they will have to pay full tuition and start from the beginning. However, they can waive the admissions process.

Pausing Enrollment

A student can pause enrollment at any time, for any reason. They can choose to pick up where they left off with the next cohort, or they may start from the beginning.  If more than six months elapse between the student pause enrollment and re-enrolling, they are required to backtrack three units prior to the point where they left off. Students who backtrack are expected to participate, attend class, and turn in code reviews like any other student. When re-enrolling, the student has a clean slate of absences, tardies, and academic warning passes.

Students are allowed to pause enrollment three times before they must begin the enrollment process, pay full tuition, and start at the beginning of the program as a new student.

If a student would like to pause enrollment, they must email their instructors clearly stating their intent. Students who financed tuition through Mia Share or Meritize should arrange a repayment plan with their financing company; this is outside of Data Stack Academy’s purview.

Cancellation and refund policy acceptance

My signature below signifies that I have read and understand all aspects of this agreement and recognize my legal responsibilities in regard to this contract and that the enrollment agreement constitutes a binding contract.