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Company Internship Agreement

Thank you for participating in Data Stack Academy’s internship placement program! The internship is intended to be a benefit for both the intern and the hosting company.

Both the student and the company agree to participate in the internship for six weeks, starting one week after the end of coursework. If either side needs to postpone, both sides should agree to a new start date in writing.


By participating, students agree to:

  • Be at their internship for 30hrs/week. This includes attending meetings and working on projects.
  • Be punctual, polite, and professional.
  • Attend required team meetings and adhere to the host company working candace
  • Ask questions.
  • Communicate. This includes asking for accommodations, letting your company know if there are times you can’t attend, and responding to emails from your hosting company.
  • Represent the best of Data Stack Academy and your host company.
  • Acknowledge that all the rights to any work product created during the internship belongs to the company, and not to share any work material outside of the company without prior permission.

By accepting interns, the hosting company agrees to:

  • Provide 30hrs/week of work for the student. The work should be relevant to the data engineering skills the student will use in the field.
  • Thoroughly onboard interns, giving them any access or information they need to do well on their projects.
  • Provide mentorship and reasonable accommodations, and schedule regular check-ins.
  • Be responsive to communication and concerns.

The specifics of each internship, such as schedules, location, and technologies used, should be agreed on by the company and the student in advance.

Extending Internships

After six weeks (180 hours), the intern has fulfilled both this agreement and their requirements for graduating Data Stack Academy. If a host company would like to extend the internship, the terms and compensation should be agreed on by both the intern and the company.

While an intern may choose to stay simply to get more experience, we strongly encourage companies to recognize that the interns are skilled graduates at that point, and to offer fair compensation.

Data Stack Academy also offers a paid internship program, in which we provide interns mentorship by a senior data engineer. This allows companies to continue training and vetting a potential employee, and to rest assured that the intern has access to the expertise of a senior data engineer. It also allows interns to start working in the field immediately after graduation. Please contact Data Stack Academy to learn more about this option.

Mediation, Pausing, and Ending Early

It’s important to us at Data Stack Academy that this is a positive experience for both the intern and the hosting company. If there are any issues, please let us know! We are available to mediate.

If either the intern or the hosting company need to pause the internship or end it early, please let Data Stack Academy know immediately. Since maintaining good relationships with hosting companies is essential to Data Stack Academy, if a company asks to end an internship early due to intern behavior, that intern may be expelled from the program. In these cases, the student will not earn a graduation certificate, and cannot re-enroll.

Terms of the Internship

All work created by the intern for the hosting company belongs solely to the hosting company. We encourage the host company to provide interns with a nondisclosure agreement.

Data Stack Academy cannot be held responsible for the behavior of the intern or the host company, though we are happy to act as mediator whenever possible. To the extent permitted by law, neither Data Stack Academy nor the intern will be liable for any losses the company incurs from the interns. This applies indefinitely.

Students are required to confirm their right to work in the United States before enrolling in the program. However, internships are part of the student’s education, and they are not employees of the hosting company. Therefore neither Data Stack Academy nor the host company are required to provide payment, workers’ compensation, or other work-related benefits to the intern.

Both parties agree to comply with all applicable laws in the state of Oregon.