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Fostering Data People to create better experiences

We are a small group of industry veterans backed by our body of top-tier data bootcamp graduates.


We team up with companies to build their data projects.


Additionally, we enable companies to work with our talented pool of data engineers via internships or as temp staff.

How to engage our expertise

1· Data Internship

Become a host for a free 6-week internship program.

  • Work with skilled individuals for free
  • Foster a talent pipeline that aligns with your company’s culture


Act today, space is limited.

2· Data Build

Build data applications together.
We blend our senior industry veterans with our top-tier data engineers to deliver cost-effective solution data projects. You’ll have the option to hire our engineers at the end of the project.

We work with a small set of clients, and focus on relationships, quality, and on-time delivery. 

3· Data Augment

Gain access to skilled data engineers for a flat fee of $10K / month.
Whether you need some short-term horse power, want to try a candidate before onboarding, or simply missed our internship window, this program provides the highest value to companies.

Success Stories...

“Data Stack has been a dream to work with. I approached them with a challenging project to build a niche AI product that had never been built before. They quickly developed a smart pragmatic approach to the task, and within just a few months we had a working prototype.

The team is a pleasure to work with and has been in full communication with me every step of the way. The project could not have gone more seamlessly.”


– Grant Atkins, CEO

Data Stack
Professional Services

Discovery + Design


Most projects start here. Meet with stakeholders and users to gather requirement. Propose a new design and solution.

MVP Build


Build a complete working prototype including front-end and back-end. Test out your idea with users and gather feedback.

Data Augment


Augment your data team. Easiest way to work with data engineers for a flat monthly rate.

Data Build


Custom AI and Data projects including fornt/back-end. Complete development, delivery, deployment, and support.

Our Data Difference =

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