Our data bootcamp focus:

· Quality

Small classes ‑ One-on-one mentorship ‑ Rigorous standards

· Industry-driven curriculum

In-demand skills ‑ The latest data engineering & AI innovations

· Job placement

Internship guarantee ‑  Interview practice ‑ An impressive portfolio 

Who is this for?

Bootcamp is designed for adults with no background in tech. You just have to:

  • Have the drive
  • Make the time commitment
  • Be eighteen or older
  • Be comfortable with computer basics, like using a search engine
  • Have a reasonably fast computer and internet connection

However, we recommend using our ‘Data Engineering Roadmap’ to learn the fundamentals of Python, the Linux command line, and GitHub.

What do we offer?

Bootcamp gets you career-ready with:

  • Mentorship by experts
  • A supportive cohort of peers
  • Daily lessons, drills, and challenges
  • A polished portfolio


The course includes interview coaching, an internship, and a year of post-graduate career support.

Demo Day Recording

Program Overview

Our graduates' stories...

Drew White

cohort #2

I’ve been upskilling exponentially. I feel like I’m no longer taking incremental steps but leaps.

Currently, Drew works with Data Stack Academy; helping our professional services clients realize their projects.


This curriculum prepares you for the Google Data Engineering certification

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