A hands-on approach with unparalleled outcomes

Our program is developed from years of industry-driven experience. You’ll learn the latest skills in AI and data engineering for your first job in tech.

Focus on all aspects of being job ready

It’s not just about learning to code. Together we focus on:

  • Learning the underlying computer science concepts
  • Acing technical skills
  • Developing the skills to present yourself
  • Preparing for technical interviews
  • Real-world experience through your internship

Data is in high demand

The data stack is constantly evolving. ChatGPT is revolutionizing the field. 

The good news is companies are looking for engineers trained on the new stack. This can give new engineers an advantage over senior engineers.

Our program incorporates the latest generative AI and machine learning tools.

Program Overview

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Get a job with an industry-driven curriculum.

You’ll learn the tools, build a portfolio, show off your work during an internship, and be able to confidently talk about data engineering during your first job interview.

This curriculum prepares you for the Google Data Engineering certification

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